Tentative Schedule of Embassy Consular Outreach Services 2012

Monday, 05 December 2011 17:28 Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 22:02

Advisory No. 123-2011

05 December 2011

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh announces its schedule for outreach consular services missions, commonly known as the “Embassy On Wheels”, for the year 2012. While the schedule is tentative, the Embassy will exert its best to stick to the schedule provided that venues are confirmed and approval of the host government are obtained for each outreach consular mission. Starting January 2012, the Embassy’s consular outreach missions, or the Embassy On Wheels (EOW), will be still on appointment system for its passport services to avoid the inconvenience associated with the long queues during the past Embassy on Wheels.

Based on the average turnout of the Embassy On wheels (EOW) in 2011 in Central Region, Eastern Region and Al-Khobar, and upon the demand of the Filipino Community in the Eastern Region, the Embassy has decided to recommend to the DFA to increase the frequency of EOWs to the Eastern Region.

The Embassy tentatively scheduled 18 consular outreach trips to Al-Khobar or twice for six months of the year. The six additional consular outreach services in Al-Khobar shall be dedicated to passport services only.

The Embassy scheduled one trip each to Buraidah, Hail, Al Jouf, Hofuf and Jubail. The Embassy also planned for one trip to Sana’a, Yemen which is under the Embassy’s jurisdiction.

The appointment system is free of charge and the applicants shall enlist themselves directly through either one of the following ways:

By e-mail: eowappointment@philembassy-riyadh.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(indicate the full name, contact number, and the city in Saudi Arabia of applicant/s)

By SMS (text): send a text message to 0540269731 with the following:

EOW(space)full name(space)city in KSA)

Example: EOW Juan Santos Dammam

Family applicants must indicate all the names of its members, otherwise only one slot would be provided to them.

One week before the scheduled EOW, the list of those who would be served during the EOW passport services will be posted on the Embassy website (www.philembassy-riyadh.org). Those who could not be accommodated for the particular EOW will be automatically listed for the next EOW.

The next regular EOW is tentatively scheduled on 12-13 January 2012 in Al Khobar, Eastern Region. The second Embassy on Wheels will be rendered on the same month on 26-27 January 2012 for passport services only. The venue of the consular outreach program will be announced in due time.

1 Al Khobar 12-13 Jan 2012
2 Al Khobar ( Passport Services only) 26 -27 Jan 2012
3 Buraydah 09-10 Feb 2012
4 Al Khobar 23-24 Feb 2012
5 Hail 15-16 Mar 2012
6 Al Khobar 29-30 Mar 2012
7 Al Jouf 12-13 April 2012
8 Al Khobar 26-27 April 2012
9 Al Khobar ( Passport Services only) 10-11 May 2012
10 Al Khobar 24-25 May 2012
11 Al Khobar ( Passport Services only) 14-15 June 2012
12 Al Khobar 28-29 June 2012
13 Al Khobar 12-13 July 2012
14 Al Khobar* ( Passport Services only) 02-03 Aug 2012
15 Al Khobar 30-31 Aug 2012
16 Al Khobar 13-14 Sep 2012
17 Al Khobar ( Passport Services only) 27-28 Sep 2012
18 Sana’a, Yemen 04-05 Oct 2012
19 Al Khobar 11-12 Oct 2012
20 Al khobar ( Passport Services only) 25-26 Oct 2012
21 Hofuf 08-09 Nov 2012
22 Al Khobar 29-30 Nov 2012
23 Jubail 06-07 Dec 2012
24 Al Khobar 13-14 Dec 2012
*Month of Ramadan (20 July-18 August 2012)



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